About the Journal

The scientific journal "Folia Iuridica Universitatis Wratislaviensis" has been published since 2012 (up to issue No. 3/2014 was published under the title "Folia Iuridica Wratislaviensis" ISSN 2299-8322). The thematic scope of the texts covers broadly understood issues in the field of public and private law as well as history and the theory of law.


Six-monthly Journal


The original version of the journal is an electronic edition.


ISSN 2450-3932


Editorial Team

Board of Editors
  prof. dr hab. Leonard Górnicki – Editor-in-Chief
  prof. dr hab. Jolanta Blicharz – member
  dr hab. Tomasz Dolata – member
  dr Julian Jezioro – Deputy Editor
  mgr Łukasz Baszak – member
  mgr Aleksandra Dorywała – editorial assistant
  mgr Ewa Gałyga-Michowska – member
  mgr Bożena Górna – member
  mgr Tadeusz Juchniewicz – member
Topic Editors
  Private Law:
    dr hab. Krzysztof Zagrobelny, prof. UWr
  History of Law and Theory and Philosophy of Law:
    dr hab. Rafał Wojciechowski, prof. UWr
    dr hab. Przemysław Kaczmarek, prof. UWr
  European and International Law:
    dr hab. Barbara Mielnik, prof. UWr  
    prof. dr hab. Dagmara Kornobis-Romanowska
  Administrative Law:
    dr hab. Piotr Lisowski, prof. UWr 
  Financial Law:
    prof. dr hab. Patrycja Zawadzka
  Constitutional Law:
    dr hab. Anna Śledzińska-Simon
    dr hab. Ryszard Balicki
  Criminal Law:
    dr Dagmara Gruszecka
    dr Rajnhardt Kokot
  Business and Commercial Law:
    dr hab. Bogusław Sołtys, prof. UWr
  Labor Law:
    dr hab. Artur Tomanek, prof. UWr
  Religious Law:
    prof. dr hab. Józef Koredczuk
Language Editor
  mgr Aleksandra Dorywała (język polski)