About the Journal

The scientific journal "Folia Iuridica Universitatis Wratislaviensis" has been published since 2012 (up to issue No. 3/2014 was published under the title "Folia Iuridica Wratislaviensis" ISSN 2299-8322). The thematic scope of the texts covers broadly understood issues in the field of public and private law as well as history and the theory of law.


Six-monthly Journal


The original version of the journal is an electronic edition.


ISSN 2450-3932


Information for Authors

  • It will be accept articles that have not been published anywhere before
  • The article should be accompanied by the author's affiliation and ORCID number
  • The volume of works should not be less than 0.5 publisher’s sheets and more than 1.5 publisher's sheets
  • Studies should be submitted with summaries in Polish and English (with the title in English), about 1000 characters, and with a bibliography at the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Key words in Polish and English should be included in the study
  • PhD students should additionally send a scan of the Promoter's opinion about the article prepared by them for publication or another study, students - a scan of the opinion of the supervisor of the scientific circle
  • The work should be delivered in the final, non-working version, in electronic form
  • Each article is evaluated by an internal reviewer (subject editor in a given field of law)
  • If the article requires improvement or additions, the author is obliged to do so within a week
  • Failure to submit an amended version of the article is tantamount to resigning from publication of an article in a given issue
  • In the case of co-authorship, the authors are asked to specify their contribution to the creation of the article
  • The editorial board inform that ghostwriting, guest authorship is a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and all detected cases will be unmasked, including notifying the relevant entities (institutions employing authors, scientific societies, associations of scientific editors, etc.)*
  • After obtaining two positive opinions from external reviewers, articles are subjected to editorial work (language editing)
  • Authors are required to correct the author within a week
  • After the technical development and the composition, the publications are posted online in the Digital Library of the University of Wroclaw and the University of Wrocław Repository
  • * more information from the Ghostwriting tab 

More information about the rules for preparing articles for publication in "Editiorial standards" tab.